The role of knowledge in the definition of analysis and design strategies.

The role of knowledge in the definition of analysis and design strategies. The approach to BIM – Building Information Modeling as a new frontier for the representation, simulation and management of the architectural heritage

Abstract – Whereas, until fairly recently in the context of representation processes, the relational system between perception, elaboration and representation was perfected and completed through natural “intuitus” (physical environment) and human intelligence (perception and calculation), the dominant role taken, in terms of methodology and practice, by a third “virtual intelligence” derived from the contemporary evolution of post-industrial technologies such as electronics, informatics and telematics, has transformed the previous method of approach to the natural or built environment, as well as to design. When applied to the conservation, valorisation and management of the architectural heritage, especially in historic cities, the simultaneous evolution of these knowledge and technologies simulation helped evolve the discipline of representation towards a broader interdisciplinary direction, establishing a relational system of methods and leading and information that precede and complete the knowledge-analysis-design process.

Authors: Gerardo Maria Cennamo, Stefano Savoia

Presented in: World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS) conference, Crete, 28 august 2013

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